“Shift to Green” Photo and Video Contest

Overview of the Contest

Due to the economic lockdowns caused by COVID-19, levels of CO2 emissions have decreased across the world. However, we face the risk of repercussions once the recovery process gets underway. Also, many resources are naturally being spent on responses to COVID-19, and environmental issues are being left behind. On July 6, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that COVID-19 made achieving the SDGs even more difficult.

We believe now is the time to reflect on the root causes of the pandemic and start making a difference through our actions and our art. We are looking forward to your participation.

Entries Accepted: July 9 – August 31, 2020 (JST)
Open to anyone
Hosted by : Soka Gakkai International (SGI)
Co-hosted by:
Earth Charter International (ECI), Green Peace Japan, Japan Youth Platform for Sustainability (JYPS), Amazon Soka Institute

How to apply:

Applicants create or collect pictures and videos of climate action taken at home or in their community or any artworks including painting, music, poems or comedy that demonstrate the kind of future for humanity and the Earth that they hope to see. These could also express appreciation for the environment and those who work to protect it. Pictures or videos are expected to be uploaded on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LINE (an app widely used in Japan), Mapting (an app co-produced by ECI & SGI) or sent via email.

How to apply through LINE:
Please send a friend request to this link: https://lin.ee/vwybRtQ
Once you get a notification, you are ready to make a post. Please follow the application instructions given below.

How to apply through Mapting:
Please download Mapting from this link: http://www.mapting.org/
You will find instructions on how to use the app and make posts. Please follow the application instructions given below.

How to apply through email:
Please send an email to contact@peacesgi.org. Please follow the application instruction given below.

Application Instructions (for all platforms):

Please provide information on your photo or video, including the location and a brief explanation of how your photo or video is relevant to the theme you choose. (*If your video or artwork is not in English, please provide English subtitles or script. Also, please note that the length of any video submitted should be within 15 minutes.)

Choose a theme from the following list and write the theme number you choose:

Theme 1: An environmental issue that you are aware of and concerned about.

Theme 2: The kind of future society you hope to realize in
2050 after overcoming the climate crisis.

Theme 3: Action for the sake of the climate that you can  
take at home or at your community.

Theme 4: Appreciation for the environment or for those
engaged in protecting the environment.

Theme 5: A person whom you would like to protect from
environmental issues including climate change.

Please send or post your photos, video or other artwork.
Also, please display the tag @MaptingInfo and put #Shift2Green and #Learn4Climate at the end of your post on LINE or Mapting and also post it on your own social media pages.


1.An eGift Card to the value of US$100 will be awarded to the overall winner, and 50$ eGift Cards to other winners.

2. Winners can experience remote tree-planting and have their own tree with their name plate in Amazon Soka Institute in Manaus, Brazil.

How winners will be announced:

Winners will be announced through the social media accounts of Mapting or notified directly via email or LINE on September 21. You can find the Mapting’s social media pages from the icons below.

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