Viva Technology 2017

Amidst the drones, robots, self-driving cars, 3D printers and other connected objects, Mapting was one of the #PositiveImpact projects invited by Spark News at Viva Technology 2017 in Paris from June 15 - 17. Learn more about this global event on innovations and discover other initiatives that use technology to provide solutions to major global issues.

Seeds of Hope in Paris

"Seeds of Hope", the exhibition which laid the foundations of Mapting is being held in Paris until June, 30th. On this occasion, Dino De Francesco was invited to present the App and had the opportunity to exchange with young people.

LEDsafari, bringing light in electricity-scarce areas.

Growing up in India, Govinda Upadhyay was very troubled by the idea that many students are unable to study and receive proper education due to the lack of something very basic- light. His idea with LEDsafari was to develop an affordable DIY solar lamp as a reliable and sustainable light source for children and students in electricity-scarce areas around the world.

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