Announcement of Winners of the Photo Competition on Climate Change, SDG 13

Thank you very much for participating in the Photo Competition on Climate Change, SDG 13. Here are the results of the competition. Please find selected photos below.

***The top award recipient was invited to the Youth Climate Summit in New York on September 21. A solar watch was given to the second award recipient. All 12 winning photos were exhibited at the SDG Action Zone during on September 24 at Rose Garden of the United Nations HQ, New York.

1. Top Award Recipient

69582821_647291085761774_5510047835057291264_n (1)

2. Second Award Recipient



3. Other Winner 70249764_680058482462810_1109405596043444224_n

3. Other winner



3. Other winner


3. Other winner


3. Other winner


3. Other winner


3. Other winner


3. Other winner


3. Other winner

69676505_370848870258258_5651124376720900096_n (1).jpg

3. Other winner



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