The Result Announcement of “Shift to Green” Photo and Video Contest

Excellent Award Recipient

☆Shift to Green Special Award☆

Ms. Erica Lotus, United States

<Comments from Ms. Lotus>
Earth Medicine, is a piece I created this year (2020), which was inspired by the lessons I learned from an online course I took at the Earth Charter on Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics. Understanding sustainability through the concept of Systems Thinking leadership ideology, this art piece illustrates the connectedness of our actions. It also illustrates the importance of Ecosystem-based Adaptation, that looking into nature, and appreciating what can be learned from nature is a way to respond to climate change. The animal represented is a turtle because they are one of the oldest symbols that represent the planet earth and mother nature. Using the colors green connect to the earth and the forest while blue represents the oceans. I truly believe that art can be a powerful voice to communicate and connect people across the globe and spread a message of hope, healing, empathy and compassion.

Special Award Recipients

Distinguished Youth Sustainability Award

Ms. Shreeya Oberoi, India

<Comments from Ms. Oberoi>
Through this drawing I want to make people aware that if they keep exploiting natural resources then soon there will be no natural resources as very action has an equal opposite reaction. I’ve depicted mother nature as a strong beautiful woman on one side and an old aged sad woman on another side as a result of our action, I’ve kept dark blue and wine color in the background to show the seriousness of this situation and the white dots on my painting represents Water droplets which are evaporating from earth and to make my drawing more obvious I’ve made two scenarios below to show green healthy environment on one hand and drought on the another hand.

Green Baton Award

Ms. Mansi Bachani, India

<Comments from Ms. Bachani>
This is a compilation done by young people in my region, New Delhi, India on the theme “Action for the sake of climate that you can take at home and in community.”

Turning Conscience into Action Award

Ms. Kayoko Orihara, Japan

<Comments from Ms. Orihara>
We must not forget that we can live because we get oxygen from the leaves of the trees. “The future is cultivated by nature,” an oil painting drawn to convey to children that they can learn from nature and train their creativity.

Seeking Spirit Award

Ms. Midori Campos / Mr. Santiago Muñoz, Mexico

<Comments from Ms. Campos>
The video deals with the topic of pollution, care and appreciation of the environment focused on the future, from the perspective of a 7-year-old boy.

Other Recipients

Shift to Green Award

Ms. Nikita Gupta, India

<Comments from Ms. Gupta>
Mandala depicting a universe where the tree is symbolizing mother earth. As a mother looks after her children, the trees are looking after us by reducing ground level ozone in urban areas, creating the very air we breathe and filtering air pollution…they do a lot more. Therefore, planting more trees benefits our environment. These days, especially in cities, there are less number of trees. I am actively encouraging people in my community to plant more trees…hope my artwork encourages you too!

Mr. Jacob Kragh, Denmark

<Comments from Mr. Kragh>
Someone had polluted the small stream running trough the park, with oily paint. It is cruel beauty. 

Ms. Giannina Caprio Duré, Uruguay

<Comments from Ms. Duré>
I am Uruguayan currently living in Spain. Since the pandemic began, I have awakened the desire, which I carried within, many years of writing. With more time at home, it became appropriate to start, I wrote a poem about what for me the relationship with nature is, the call of attention that nature made us to stop the bad actions that we have been having with her, and his stop was named Coronavirus, Covid 19.

Ms. Ami Kaneko, Japan

<English translation is below>

Your Step is the Light of Life
I remember that summer day
the wind from the fan
cicadas crying far away
biting into a cold watermelon
In the evening
we sat drinking beer, my neighbours and me
on the bench out front
talking nonsense;
going swimming every day in the school pool
Our lives, with new convenience
made simpler by saving time
have lost the peace of summer and of life
The Earth shows us now
that there is no such thing as a normal day.
We hear her screams
She asks us:
Are you forgetting what a person is?
That they are precious simply because they are alive?
We have lost sight of something important.
Now that the heat is too strong to fan away
and natural disasters strike over and over
we must remember the value of life
To break something only takes a moment.
The time is now.
You can do something now.
Let go of the habit of giving up.
Start now.
Earth and her people are the same life-form:
that is why we give light and value to life.
Your step will be that light,
protecting those you love
My step changes the Earth
Even if the ever-shining Sun is covered with thick cloud,
where there are cracks, the light pours down
Your step will be the light of the Earth:
that single step today will pour down light
A calm summer spent laughing with family
a summer for loved ones and the elderly to live in peace
someday, if we keep going…
believing that light will pour down,
I take today’s step

Mr. Daiki Ishimoto, Japan

<Comments from Mr. Ishimoto>
From zero years old to the first grade of elementary school, my children read together at home, reading a picture book about global environmental issues that children can enjoy learning, thinking “What is good for the environment?” We started by talking. What is the reason why children think about the environment and why does this happen while having fun and very informative discussions? There were many occasions when I was impressed by the fact that the children themselves knew what would happen if such-and-such happened, and I felt that it would be really fun to work on their imagination by teaching things that they do not understand. I’m convinced that this kind of learning will lead to increased interest in their daily study and become a purpose for them.

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