Why you Should Use the App Mapting

We recently celebrated the second year of existence of Mapting, our mobile app created with Soka Gakkai International. Therefore, we thought important to remind both its current and future users, the value of Mapting in the field of sustainable development and ethics. Overall, we can consider that Mapting is a tool that can be used to learn and achieve goals to transform our environment. This tool is based on two different frameworks that can help us achieve this transition, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Earth Charter principles (EC).

Mapting is a way for you to discover more about the SDGs and how the EC principles relate to the SDGs. The app is available for free on iOS or Android. By using the app, you can gather knowledge about the SDGs and the Earth Charter principles allowing a diverse audience to spread the word about sustainable development and the actions they are taking towards building a sustainable future. You can share your actions or observations towards the SDGs by uploading a video or picture. This is beneficial to increase the visibility of your initiatives and other people’s initiatives around the world. In general,Infographic Mapting Use having more visibility and an audience for your events and projects is key for those events to become successful. Moreover, Mapting provides the capacity for you to interact directly with other users across the world, in order to create partnerships, to exchange means or ideas. The application is a great opportunity to network on a global scale. The app can also be used as a barometer to measure which SDGs are being used most or least around the world and where. By having this data you can easily connect with other projects in your area working towards the same SDGs or you can fill the void in areas where a certain SDG is not being applied.

The connectivity of Mapting allows you to create bridges between minds, inspiring you to create, to invent solutions for a better future, to fulfill the SDGs with an ethical framework based on the Earth Charter principles. The inspiration given by Mapting is the driving force of action; it helps people to act and to inspire others to join forces towards a sustainable transition. We highly encourage youth to use Mapting to share their actions with friends and to find similar projects they can connect with. Thanks to its accessibility, Mapting helps us grow our community, share positive actions towards building a sustainable future, and to learn more about the SDGs and Earth Charter principles.

Two years after the creation of Mapting, we strongly believe that this application is valuable to educate, to inspire action, and to create cooperation, with the aim of transforming the world in the framework of the SDGs and the Earth Charter principles.

To download Mapting go to http://www.mapting.org
Share with us your story and how you’re using Mapting in your community, we will feature you on our blog!

For more details write to youthcoordinator@earthcharter.org

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