Guaravito Sustentabilidad y Conservación

Guaravito Sustentabilidad y Conservación is a non-profit organization in Costa Rica that works to build peace through environmental protection and sustainable development.

The Sustainable Development Goals are not well known by the general population, especially amongst the youth – and it is important to involve and educate young people in making the SDGs become a reality by 2030.

With MAPTING, we promote the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). When we talk about the future of our planet, the problems and threats we face must be highlighted, which is why, through the app, we focus on sharing a positive message about the actions and solutions we are carrying out in our communities.

Conceptualized in Costa Rica, MAPTING serves as a very useful and innovative tool to share photos and videos, especially those tailored to the Action Campaign for the Sustainable Development Goals and its close relationship with the Earth Charter.

At Guaravito Sustentabilidad y Conservación, we have also learned about the values and principles of the Earth Charter by unlocking principles with each image or video shared. It is an innovative, fun and inspiring way to teach people about the Earth Charter principles and how to get involved in improving their communities.

The SDGs are the plan for the future of the Planet. We urge people to participate and sensitize more people in Costa Rica and around the world. We want to make sure that young people participate in this movement, and we would love to be joined by many more!

Original piece written by Randall F. Santamaría A., Executive Director of Guaravito Sustentabilidad y Conservación

Translated from Spanish by Ilka Walker-Vera, Intern at the Earth Charter Initiative



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